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Unique to FrontPorch is the belief that there does not need to be a trade-off between financial returns and positive societal impact. FrontPorch believes investment success is not achieved solely by good financial returns but also by delivering strong outcomes for all stakeholders - customers, investment partners, the community, and employees and their families.

FrontPorch believes there are several benefits to a dual-purpose investing model. Some highlights are as follows:


Better Communities

  • Community engagement promotes stronger local economic and cultural environments 

  • Managing a business for growth creates local job opportunities

  • Partnerships with other local businesses ensure sustainability and vibrancy of the local business community

Inside Business

Better Businesses

  • Reduced business and regulatory risks through a culture of high values

  • Less employee and customer turnover

  • Better employee engagement through alignment of interests

  • Stronger relationships with industry partners through active engagement with industry and trade associations

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