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Our Firm

Our goal at FrontPorch Capital Group is to help entrepreneurs successfully transition their businesses to a trusted partner.  We intentionally seek businesses that have strong entrepreneurial roots and local community ties. We invest for the long haul and understand that success takes hard work, dedication and sheer perseverance.

Our Firm

Our Essential Truths

Our Essential Truths

I.     Integrity matters the most
II.     Respect and fairness are owed to everyone, in all things done
III.     People and culture are fundamental drivers of business success


IV.     Success must be measured beyond profits and should include the priorities of shareholders AND stakeholders


A thematic approach driven by deep primary research

Focused and patient capital for the long-term

Investment Approach

Our focus at FrontPorch is to acquire a single business located in the continental United States. We employ a fully integrated investing model where our team leads and executes on every aspect of the transaction lifecycle. This includes everything from developing primary research for our investment themes, to sourcing and executing the transaction, and ultimately running the business to implement the value creation plan. We believe this differentiated approach is critical to long term sustainable success.

Industry Preferences

  • Multi-location healthcare 

  • Healthcare services 

  • Business Services

  • Large and fragmented serviceable market

Business Preferences

  • Privately owned

  • Culture of high integrity

  • Strong local market presence 

  • Owner seeking to fully exit or reduced role

Financial Preferences

  • Minimum EBITDA of $1.5 million

  • >15% EBITDA margins

  • 3 years of consistent profitability 

  • Low CapEx needs

  • Recurring or re-occurring revenue

Business Partners Shaking Hands

Trusted Partners

Trusted Partners


The decision to sell your business is one of the toughest choices you’ll ever make. This is why FrontPorch intentionally seeks to partner with entrepreneurs that have built great companies with strong cultures. A partnership with FrontPorch should give you comfort in knowing that you are partnering with a values-aligned party whose strategy is focused on continuing your legacy.

Here are some benefits to partnering with FrontPorch:

  • We are seeking to acquire a single business. This means your business is our sole focus and we utilize what you’ve established as a foundation for future growth. This is why we’re hyper-focused on partnering with the right entrepreneur and not just the financials of the business.

  • We have a flexible approach to allow for a tailored liquidity solution to meet your succession goals.  

  • Our investment philosophy emphasizes creating value beyond profit, which means we prioritize the needs of the employees and care about the local community where the business is located

Business Handshake


FrontPorch is very intentional about our investment approach. Our focused strategy allows us to be efficient in our underwriting and timely in our assessment of opportunities. We don’t believe in kicking tires and value your time as much as we value ours.

Here are some benefits to partnering with FrontPorch:

  • Our strategy is focused on acquiring one business, so all efforts are devoted to that singular opportunity to make for a more efficient process

  • We have committed capital and an experienced team to ensure timely transaction execution

  • We believe in running an honest process

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